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Pillows for Headaches Relief

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Pillows for Headaches Relief

We all get occasional headaches. Sometimes you can pinpoint the cause to eyestrain, dehydration, a hangover, or tension. Other times the source is more difficult to determine. A headache is defined as pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. The brain itself lacks pain receptors, so the pain of a headache is caused by disturbance of sensitive structures in various areas of the head and neck. Pain may be centered in the skull, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, subcutaneous tissues, eyes and ears.
Migraines are more severe headaches that can be triggered by many different factors, including certain foods, excessive caffeine, bright lights and loud noises, weather changes, and hormonal changes.
One cause of headaches and migraines that often goes unrecognized is poor sleep quality. If you habitually wake with a stiff neck or a headache, with shoulder pain or tingling in the arms and hands, you may need to consider sleeping on a sized therapeutic cervical sleeping pillow.

Why it Works

A therapeutic pillow allows your neck to fall into a natural position. While conventional bed pillows force your neck into a position that compresses the neck vertebrae, a cylindrical cervical pillow follows the natural line of the neck. With proper support, muscles relax and stretch gently, leaving space between the vertebrae and allowing energy to flow up and down the spine. Using a pillow that supports the curves of your neck is recommended by such experts as doctors at the famed Mayo Clinic.
When you sleep on a conventional pillow, the compression of your neck may be pressing on nerves, causing pain. This disrupts sleep, forcing you to toss and turn, adjust your pillow, or wake in discomfort. Sleep is cyclical – Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 are followed by REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. If you can’t get comfortable, you will be constantly pulled back to stage 1, meaning that the quality of your sleep is greatly compromised.
A cylindrical cervical pillow will relieve neck pain, and allow you to reap the benefits of deep sleep. You will wake in the morning refreshed and energized, ready for the day. You may also be amazed by the decrease in headaches and migraines that you will experience. Testimonials from patients who use therapeutic pillows attest to their efficacy. Align-Right, one manufacturer of cervical pillows, lists several customer comments on their website, including:


  • "I have been using this pillow for 18 months and haven’t had a migraine since using it.”   Cathy D.
  • "These pillows are great for getting rid of migraines. Also great for labour. I’ve washed it numerous times and it’s still doing a great job!”    Karin M.

Dangers of Sleep Deficits



Headaches are only one sign of poor sleep hygiene. Often people who sleep badly experience lapses of attention and inability to concentrate, impaired memory and physical performance, as well as irritability and drowsiness. Prolonged sleep deficit can cause more serious illnesses, including obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Depression can also be a side effect of a lack of sleep.


If you are troubled by migraines, neck pain, or other issues, try a therapeutic cervical pillow for headaches. With proper neck support, sweet dreams will be yours!

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Sleeping Pillow

A Natural Solution for Good Sleep

Are you burdened with tension, headaches, neck/shoulder/back/pain, snoring or fibromyalgia? Or do you always wake up tired and stiff? Do you crave a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep?

Relief can be instant when you properly support and align your neck and back. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is proven to increase comfort, reduce tension and relax muscles because it is designed for your unique body shape and your predominant sleep position.

A custom fitted pillow will give you a restful, deep sleep experience so you can wake refreshed and feeling great!

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